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Terpsichore ´s kiss Eigenwerk
von georgesand aus der Kategorie Gedicht - Songtext

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Terpsichore ´ s kiss


The ideal antibody running through life.Transmitting movements walking borderlines.Shifting weight and phrases                           phrasing nobody ´s truth and dreams.Dynamics of identity, rhythm of ratio, expression of time creating emotions.Neurophysiologic fractures in multiple minds disturbing repetitive perceptions.Watching precisely the psychological bases of automation in anyone ´s routine.And don ´t forget aspects of knowledge children perceive while walking in circles.Hey you, gliding through timeless atmospheres. Don ´t look sideways while falling in angles.Perceptionist ´s neuronal networks conquer warm bodies.Blood and oxygen flee misunderstandings of inhalation.Tactile constructions of rubber-bands guiding sound and light out of the angles of each corner
­into your lungs.
­When resonances are reaching your heart.
­Work hard on losing love or ideas

­                                  before waving goodbye to your friend.
­Your enemy waits next to the door
crowding your fantasies, dreaming your illusions nobody asked you before.The stage out of glass is hit by possibilities.

And lost moves strike the outermost layer of my moment.

Indian music smells
­ slowly
­ dripping
­ gestures
onto my skin.Animals ` weight-sensing.
­Floor-work and floor-sliding feet tip-toe to tennis-yards
­ where one single sound fills the air
­ falls into my ear.

Never forgotten.
­Licking water in triplet shuffles.

Post-choreographyperforms spiraling lines of fascial tissue unseen under control
of systematic destruction money can buy.

Doing music, doing dance,doing premiere ´s copies of mankind and humanity with powerful murders nevernamed.

Your child and yourmother lighten up before fading in professional neutralisations exhibitedzoo-like in peaceful spaces for contemporary art and architecture.

Act out yourmisunderstandings and false memories of tomorrow ´s past.

Naked words stutter theirtragical rhythm on straight 4/4 beats and conceptual bass-lines____________________________________

Here we are where younever expected our place to be.

In your own dance onintellectual-emotional overdubs.

Normative relationshipsoverlap existential loneliness until religious clusters touch familiar ordersyou never fit in                                                                                                   -    youthought before.

Just kids laughing aboutblue breath in rotten paper blown over the dance-floor by summer night ´s wind.
Terpsichore ´skiss        


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